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Frequently Asked Questions

In short, yes. However not all the essential oils used in our products are ‘certified organic’ even though organic practices and standards are adopted. This is because the oils are sourced from around the world where they are grown in their natural habitat by ordinary farmers – what that means is that it would cost the farmers a lot of money to become ‘certified’ which isn’t isn’t necessary. The suppliers we use for our essential oils have created their own standard of testing and carry out over 40 different tests both in house and by a third party to ensure there are absolutely no contaminants present in the harvested oil. This not only takes the burden away from the farmers but also gives a level of reassurance to the consumer that the oils are of the highest quality and purity.

Our Rollerballs are blended with carefully selected essential oils to target a range of wellbeing needs from boosting mood to supporting immunity. Typically all rollerballs can be used by rolling over pulse points on the body. Some are used slightly differently to ensure the desired effect is achieved, for example you may be required to roll on the soles of feet and back of the neck. All our rollerballs have directions use them printed on them, so you’ll always know how to use them.

Low toxic or ‘low tox’ living refers living a life where you are exposed to a lower levels of chemicals and toxicity from everyday products. These products include everything from candles, cleaning products to personal care products such as facial cleansers and deodorants. The aim of Naked Naturopath is to provide an accessible range of products that will help you start your low tox journey. All our products are handmade in our apothecary in Warwickshire in small batches.

The ingredients used in the products are high doses so are very potent even though they are natural therefore are not recommended for use by children. Naked Naturopath will bring out a range of products that are safe to use by children in a more diluted form in the future.

We currently have a skin care range that is suitable for most skin types. However, we will be expanding this range to cater for a variety of skin types such as acne prone skin

Absolutely. Our products are designed and formulated with health and wellbeing at the forefront meaning they are intended for use by all adults.

We are currently in the process of making natural products for the home which include candles and diffusers. These products will be available to purchase from the site very soon.

Our Rollerballs are made with the highest quality and purest essential oils which offer various health and wellness benefits and can be used in different ways depending on the issue. For example, to improve mood and emotional health, inhaling the scent from the Rollerballs can reduce stress and promote relaxation. To soothe muscles, aches and pains, the Rollerballs can be applied topically. These specific Rollerballs contain oils with analgesic (pain relieving) properties.

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