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3 Tips on how to use Naked Wellness Rollerballs November 2023

One of the most common questions about our products is ‘how do I use a Wellness Rollerball’? There are so many ways to use essential oil products but it’s important they are used in the correct way to get the most benefit from them. Continue reading to discover some of the best ways to use Naked Wellness Rollerballs.

  1. For emotional wellbeing and support the best place to apply the Rollerball is from your shoulders upwards. This includes areas such as back of the neck, temples and pulse points on the neck. These areas are the closest to the brain so will effect part of the brain that regulates emotions and can provide quick relief. Another effective way to experience quick results is to rub the oil in the palms of the hand, cup the hands over the nose and inhale the aroma, taking as many deep breaths as you need.
  • For pain relief always apply directly to the problem area and gently massage. Remember to wash hands after applying as some oils such as Wintergreen can be irritating if rubbed in the eyes or other sensitive areas.  Pain relief Wellness Rollerballs such as Muscle can also be used with Wellness Rollerballs that provide emotional support too such as the Stress Wellness Rollerball.
  • To feel more uplifted and energised apply the choose Wellness Rollerball to the forearms, crown of the head, back of the neck and behind ears. The Naked Mood Wellness Rollerball is great energising mood booster as it contains Bergamot and Peppermint which are both great for alertness and reducing stress.

Always remember when products containing essential oils, avoid applying them in sensitive areas where there are mucus membranes and any cavities such as eyes, ears, nose or any other sensitive area.

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