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Soothing Skin Care Routine that Will Leave Skin Glowing December 2023

There are so many factors that contribute to skin feeling and looking dull and grey – they include everything from pollution to seasonal changes to the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis from everyday products such as household cleaners and detergents. The Naked Skin Care Regime was created to bring the colour and radiance back to your skin to ensure it stays looking healthy. Follow the 4 steps below for the perfect skincare routine:

  1. Start by using Naked Soothing Cleanser. This lightweight cleanser will gently wash away the grime and chemicals picked up during the day and leave your skin feeing fresh. Just pump a small amount into warm wet hands and massage into the face then rinse with warm water and pat dry.
  2. Use the Naked Facial Toner Mist to prepare your face and neck ready for the application of the soothing Naked Face Oil. The Facial Toner can also be used to wipe away any remainder make up or unwanted debris from your face.
  3. Apply the soothing Naked Face Oil to the face and neck using upwards strokes with the hands then gently pat the face leaving it feeling supple and refreshed.
  4. Finish off by dabbing the Naked Eye Serum under the eye area to brighten the area overnight. Remember the Naked Eye Serum is only to be used in the evening due to it containing oils such as lemon which are photosensitive.

And there you have it, a simple skin care routine that will leave your skin looking and feeling supple, radiant and glowing. Try the Naked Skin Care Regime and experience the benefits for your self today. 

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