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About Us

Welcome to my world of natural wellness and low tox living

Helping You on your way to low tox living

I’m Raj and I spent over 10 years trying different treatments for my crippling auto-immune disease. I became increasingly frustrated at how most medicines were simply masking the symptoms and failing to address the root cause, often with undesirable side effects.

Although my career is in disease prevention, I felt it was time to consider alternative therapies so I made it my mission to educate myself on how I was able to improve my health in a more holistic way. That’s when I started researching Naturopathy which is a discipline that finds natural solutions and cures to treat any illness using what is available in nature and making some lifestyle changes. One of the things I was amazed to learn was how everyday products such as candles, personal care and cleaning products were full of nasty chemicals, heavy metals and toxins and were extremely bad for my health. This is when my passion to live a more low tox lifestyle began.

Along the way I started creating natural remedies for myself, family and friends. I eventually qualified as a Naturopath and it wasn’t long before I was creating bespoke health solutions for people and educating about how to live a more low tox lifestyle. My passion in this area led to me creating a range of products that were accessible and would easily enable anyone to take the step towards living a low toxic lifestyle and improve their general health and wellness.

Mission and Vision

I want to empower lives through nature-inspired health solutions, and cultivate a community committed to embracing a low-toxic lifestyle so that they can improve their health and wellbeing which is needed now more than ever. Our mission at Naked Naturopath is to provide natural, organic products that harmonise with the body and provide education on the positive transformative impact this can have.


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Product Quality and Information

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100% Cruelty Free

Product Care

Product Safety

Some of our oils are photosensitive which means if they are applied an area of the body topically, that area should not be exposed to sunlight for 12 hours. These are typically citrus oils such as lemon, grapefruit and wild orange. Products that contain citrus oils are: Immunity, Motivated, Calm, Self care, Mood, Focus and Naked Massage Oil. Products should always be kept out of the reach of children. Products should not be ingested. Please seek medical advice before using products if required.

What our Clients Say

Jen Joels
Trio Rollerball Gift Set
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“I love my Trio Rollerball Gift Set! They’re small so can I take them with me everywhere I go. Love knowing I’ve have something with me when I need a bit of emotional support”
R Singh
Focus Rollerball
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“Bought the Focus rollerball for my son whilst he had exams in the first year of uni, he absolutely loved it and won’t be without one now”
Suzi Tate
Self Care Rollerball
Read More
“The selfcare rollerball has definitely become one of my favourite go to guilty pleasures. It smells absolutely gorgeous and makes me feel great”
Louise Vandar
Read More
“Love love love these rollerballs. There’s literally a rollerball to cover all your needs and they’re so easy to use”
Cathy V
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“Great product, thank you”
Wally Ramsey
Mood Rollerball
Read More
“Use my mood rollerball all the time, thank you”
Emma James
Read More
“Love these rollerballs! They smell amazing and came beautifully packaged”
Nikyia K
Indulgence Gift Set
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“The indulgence gift set was the perfect gift thank you”
Maxine Burb
Read More
“Such lovely scents and lovely packaging”
Gemma Fox
Rollerball Set
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“This was the first time I ever used a rollerball and now I love them! I was gifted the full collection of rollerball and they have been a game changer for me. I keep my calm rollerball in the car, the mood in my purse and the muscle rollerball in my gym bag. Don’t know where I’d be without them now, thank you!”
Shakira V
Stress Rollerball
Read More
“Love the stress rollerball, helps when I really need it. Smells lovely too”
Sindy Kaur
Trio Rollerball Set
Read More
“Love the trio rollerball set, I use them all the time and they smell great. Will definitely be recommending to friends and family”


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